Encore Five is searching for new band members!

When was the last time you, our fellow musicians, were part of a band where there were fellow seasoned, professional musicians? Where the music performed was made up of a wide variety of styles and genres? Where everyone was a team player and were dedicated to giving their all? When was the last time you were part of a group of musicians who loved playing music and giving audiences much fun, dancing and enjoyment?
Encore Five is looking for musicians, perhaps like you, to become part of the group. We are looking for a lead guitar player/lead singer and bass player for sure and possible other positions will be available. If you are interested in being part of the Encore team, please contact Jim Doren at 541-301-1077 or the band email at Encorefive@gmail.com. There is an interview and audition process but we would love to hear from you.
Start off the New Year with Encore Five and let’s work together to make 2018 a year filled with beautiful music and new friendships.

Our Vision, Our Mission

Encore Five was a vision of Jim Doren, drummer and band leader, which became reality. For years he waited for the right time and the right pieces to come together and Encore Five was born.
This diverse band came together through a true love of music and sharing music with others. Each member of this special group has a specific genre of music which speaks to them. They know that music also speaks to audiences in the same way. This is the reason Encore Five can't just play one kind of music. They want to speak to and reach multi-generations through multi-genres -- perhaps it is smooth instrumental, easy listening. Perhaps it is ZZ Top or Santana. Perhaps it is country, or blues, or rock and roll. For some it is something original -- never heard before. For some it is an old-time favorite.
Encore Five has a mission to provide quality, heart-felt music entertainment delivered in a professional manner. They strive to make each event a special one...in a few words:
There is something for almost everyone in their music.